Kevin Street Podcasts

An audio tour of Kevin Street Library is now available. The tour includes a number of audio files in MP3 format. These files can be listened to online or downloaded onto your personal MP3 player. Alternatively, you can borrow a player with the files preloaded from the Kevin Street Library desk. The tour is jointly produced by the Conservatory of Music and Drama and Library Services in Kevin Street.

The tour describes the layout and available services of Kevin Street Library. The audio files correspond to one of the ten listening posts which are located throughout the library and are designated by a listening post sign. A map in pdf format charts the sequence of the tour and can be downloaded from this page or a copy can be obtained from the checkout desk in Kevin Street Library.

As we would like to continue to improve the podcast we would ask that you forward any comments by email to kst.library@dit.ie

Taking the tour

Get a copy of the map by downloading it here or getting a copy at the library desk. Listen to the sequence of files online or on your MP3 player

Kevin Street Libray Tour

  1. Introduction
  2. Library Entrance
  3. Library desk
  4. Photocopying
  5. Journal Archives
  6. Disability Liaison
  7. Current Journals
  8. Mainlending collection
  9. Reference collection
  10. Training room
  11. Maths Learning Centre
  12. Conclusions