DIT Library joins SCONUL access

From July 1st DIT staff and postgraduate research students can avail of the Sconul Access Scheme. This is a co-operative arrangement between over 170 Higher Education libraries in Ireland and the UK.

Our access is restricted to other libraries in the scheme who provide access to staff and postgraduate research students i.e. Band A libraries. The scheme represents a substantial widening of the range of resources available to our research population and includes borrowing rights. The protocols of the scheme restrict eligibility to those in good standing with the library (i.e. those having no outstanding debts etc.)

Application forms are now available from your local DIT site library. If you wish to avail of the scheme you will be issued with a Sconul Access membership card. This is your passport to other Band A libraries. Please ensure that you identify opening hours and any local arrangements or regulations that apply to any library you wish to visit.

If you want any further information please contact your site library. It is hoped that our research community will seize this opportunity to enhance their access to a broader range of high quality library collections.